About After 5 Underground

After5Underground was founded by designer Brian Foley as the culmination of seven years of screen-printing, both in school at MassArt and as private projects by commission. His artistic experience combined with numerous conversations with friends, co-workers, and a fair share of strangers at bars, resulted in the first three series that After5Undergroud is proud to offer.

The Fenway series came about completely organically. As a Boston-area native, After5 was naturally drawn to the city’s landmarks, and nothing is as emblematic of Boston as Fenway Park. The connection as a lifelong Sox fan is obvious, but Fenway is so much more than just a baseball stadium. From the familiar street signs and sidewalk musicians to the omnipresent Citgo sign, it’s truly the heart of the city.

The Airport series drew inspiration from the significance of travel. In this modern age, the airport has become the ultimate travel hub, a gateway of freedom and adventure as well as a symbol of home. The initial designs were created as the product of a conversation between After5, Matt Foley and Steven Putz, and in time this series will expand to encompass all sorts of origins and destinations, but for now the three chosen deigns represent the cities closest to their hearts.

Likewise, the Short Cut series came about as the result of a casual conversation, or more precisely a joke between After5 and a handful of other design students. Night after night they chugged away on final projects, tired fingers effortlessly finding familiar keys, until one student, oblivious to the convenient shortcuts (whatever design program you use) was nice enough to put in, piped up about all the clicking needed just to copy and paste. Everyone gave him shit and a design was born.


Posted November 16, 2011 by Admin